my story

Hey you fellow explorers, yes you!  Are you the gyel (or the guy) who enjoys sipping on bevs , hot or cold in those secret nature aesthetic locations for the gram, at budget friendly prices? Or are you a tree hugger who enjoys exploring the wonders that nature has to offer and passionate about advocating for the lives of all plant life? Then consider me your resident gig guide to all things travel, plant life, secret locations and nature aesthetics.

Thank you for reading this far, well I’m Phumla Nkosi. A  BSc Environmental Sciences graduate, nature lover, bev sipper and traveler born and bred in Nelspruit …and still stuck there. I grew up thinking the same way as everyone else who grew up in our town: “Nelspruit is so boring!” But that could not be further from the truth.

I will be sharing my travels, locations as well as reviews on restaurants to save you the time and effort. I am the gig guide that you did not know you needed.

Moving on to my second life mission, I have also noticed a great lack of consideration and care for the environment amongst our fellow residents, unknowingly so. That is why I will also share information and awareness about the plants possibly in your backyard and the potential it carries that you did not know about.

All in all, I’m just a girl who loves nature and living her best explorer life, typing behind a screen for people like her, asking them to join her in her quest of exploring all that our naturally beautiful world has to offer.