The Genesis Route , Barberton Geotrail

Imagine driving through one of the oldest geological features in the world? Well it’s definitely possible. Situated between Barberton and the Bulembo Border post in Mpumalanga , the Barberton Geotrail is a route worth adding to your bucket list.

How I ended up there was completely unplanned (like most of my trips) but it was one of the best travel decisions I’ve ever made. Scenic , breathtaking, picturesque, spectacular, gorgeous, impressive. Those are just a few words I can used to describe every moment while driving through the Barberton Geotrail.

Along the route there were several stops which we could take , each with valuable pieces of information of how the Makhonjwa mountains came to be. It is well narrated and can be easily understood even without a geology background.

I’ve kept the post as short as possible, because no amount of words will do it justice. The video below shows a glimpse of the magic that is the Barberton Geotrail. I hope you do enjoy ✨

If you happen to drive through or have been there , please share your experiences.

Happy traveling ✨

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