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Good things come to those who wait ? Well maybe , but definitely not for the wanderlust travel junkies. Travel comes to those who go out and find it.

Hiking at Kaapschehoop

Growing up I wasn’t really the travels type of person , a day spent at the mall was more than enough for me. Not until I started growing older and realized how much I’m missing out on. My point for this is that when I wasn’t “in it” I couldn’t find cool spots. But when I started searching for places to go to , I found even more while visiting. The law of attraction fits in very well with traveling because the more you travel, the more places you find.

I have been living in Mpumalanga practically my whole life but I’ve only recently started to discover its beauty. Why? Because I actually started finding these places. Don’t be afraid to ask around and do your research. In this day and age we even have Instagram where you can find so many ideas. Just follow the right people , Like me…

My instagram page @phumdee7

Sometimes you just have to drive out with the intention of going to a place you’ve never been to. Just follow the road signs like a true explorer.

On the issue of safety, as much as precaution needs to be taken. You’ll miss out on some much adventure by trying to be too cautious. A wise man once said to me “the road is one of the most dangerous place to be , yet we’re there everyday”. So if you do go out , keep an open mind, obviously don’t risk your life , but just explore. If you fail , you get up and try again.

A 4×4 , bakkie, van , hi-rider is essential in my opinion , especially if you don’t know where you’re going. The most beautiful places are often found after driving through rocky , steep , muddy or bumpy roads. So erring on the side of caution by not taking a small car is definitely recommended

Getting lost is inevitable (well it has been for me) but that’s okay. The reward is not always in the destination, the journey alone can be rewarding. You just dust yourself up and try again. You would be amazed at what you find when you get lost.

We took the wrong route only to find this gorgeous view

Last but not least , remember to have fun. Exploring is addictive, once you start chances of stopping are quite slim

I’d close off by saying happy travelling , but since we’re under lockdown. Stay home and Stay Safe.

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