From bean to cup : find out how coffee is made

If you’re an avid coffee lover and have always wondered how coffee goes from being a fruit to the caffeine filled beverage in your mouth. Look no further , the Sabie coffee valley will put you out of the dark and you’ll fully understand how this happens.

Sabie coffee valley is a coffee shop found at the Casterbridge lifestyle center in White River, Mpumalanga. From the moment you arrive you are welcomed by their friendly staff , who take time to cater to all of your needs and answer your questions. For a normal cup of coffee and all the varieties it comes in , no reservations need to be made. However for the coffee tasting prior arrangements need to be made (and as you can guess I had not made them)

I had a caffe mocha and wow. Just. Wow , it was amazing. Which was when I went inside and asked more about the coffee making process as the waitress had told me that they make everything themselves.

Among many other things I learned that the darker the roast is , the less caffeine it has , which was something I thought was the opposite. Any question I had , I got the answer to. I got to see how everything happens , an experience I will always treasure.

The coffee at Sabie River valley has no added chemicals and is made the way nature intended for us to enjoy. Sabie coffee valley is truly a place every coffee fanatic should go to. Not only do you get a great cup of coffee but you get to understand the process that led to that cup of coffee Eagerly waiting to hear how it goes , please feel free to drop any comments.

Happy exploring ✨

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