Gin Tasting at Gin & Co

Situated at Casterbridge in White River, Gin & Co provided the perfect ambiance for a Sunday afternoon. Upon entering we were blown away by the beautiful interior design and for a second made us feel as if we were elsewhere in the world.

The interior design

There was a wide variety of drinks to choose from the menu. However, we ended up doing the Gin Tasting which was R80 and came with three Dollie infused gins to taste. The flavors to taste were Blueberry and Pimento ; Strawberry and Wild basil ; Rooibos and Lemongrass. The gentleman that took us through it was simply the best, he taught us so much about gin; how to get the best taste out of it as well as how it should be paired. In addition, he answered all of our questions and we left there with so much more knowledge. It was a very holistic experience and not just limited to the mere tasting of different types of gin.

Not only does Gin & Co do tastings but they have a variety of Gins and Wines for sale to take home, as well as Gin and tonic duos to drink there. Their presentation is amazing and is ideal for the grammer and aesthetic lover like myself. We truly had an amazing time and we look forward to go again to try out their varieties of Gin and tonic.

I would definitely recommend this place to all gin lovers, or even those who are willing to try. You will definitely not regret it.

For more information you can visit their website at or contact them on +27137501696 .

Do share your experiences if you have popped by or still plan to.

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