The most colorful festival in Africa – Johannesburg Pride 2019

Amazing, phenomenal, dynamic, spectacular – those are just a few words I can use to describe Johannesburg Pride 2019. Going there I expected that I would have fun, but it totally blew me away. The atmosphere was just filled with love, everybody was just so happy and there was so much to do. The Pride village was set up on Rivonia Road, between Sandton Drive and West Street. There were various stalls to buy food, drinks and merchandise from. The stage was set up at the top of the village and the DJ and performances kept us entertained throughout the day.

The crowd picked up and at 14:30 the march started. We walked down Rivonia rd through the Sandton CBD then made our way back to the village. The march was probably my low light of the entire day, mainly because it was just so hot and my choice of footwear was not the wisest one.

The party officially started after the walk and everyone was just dancing and having a good time, there was a point where it rained, not that anyone cared. We continued dancing and just having the time of our lives.

It was an event that was open to everyone, not just the LGBTQI+ community. However, if you are a homophobe I would strongly advise you not to attend.

The outfits were as colourful and as creative as could be ; you could dress up as who you are and what you’ve always wanted to dress up as, there were zero judgements.

Johannesburg Pride is truly an event not to be missed and the best part is that the 2020 date is out – 31 October 2020.

I hope to see you all there

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