Okay so I lied , the sun wasn’t out. It was a beautiful cloudy day in Johannesburg so I knew it would be a sin to leave without heading to Buns out.

Buns Out is situated in Linden, Randburg. In my opinion, a very quiet and cozy side of Johannesburg.

My biggest mistake was not checking what time they open , and we got there at 11 only to find that there was still an hour to go before they open (be smart and get there after 12)

So finally we got in and was so impressed with the vibe , it’s super chilled and you just walk in and place your order. Me being the basic girl with a list of allergies , I settled for the classic with cheese and no tomato. My girly side came through and ordered a pink turkish to drink

After taking a few snaps our food and drinks arrived. The burger did not disappoint and I really enjoyed it , it was so filling that I took half as a take away. Unfortunately the chips were cold , but we let them know and they gave us a fresh and hot new serving. So it’s definitely 5 stars on customer service.

They were so generous with the Gin on that pink turkish so it was definitely worth every rand.

Buns Out was truly worth the wait , I enjoyed my time there. It is a place that caters for both carnivores like me and vegetarians/vegan.

Do pop in and see for yourself, hopefully the sun will be out and can actually say : Suns out , Buns Out.

Do share your experiences there. 

Happy living – Phumz