The Garden route, and why I’d love to go back.

The Garden Route is a 300 km route along the south-eastern coastline. It is from Storms River to Mossel Bay and is filled with an array of landscapes and activities.

Storms river mouth (Source:

I had the privilege of spending a week there, and trust me when I say it only felt like 3 days. Although we did several activities and went to various places, there is still so much more to do. After this lockdown is over and all my coins are ready, I would love to go back to the garden route and this is why:

The beaches

Any place on the coast is already a favorite, but the beaches along the garden route were picturesque. I remember screaming when we arrived in Plettenberg Bay and saw those crisp blue beaches. I only went to Central beach, but I would love to go to Keurbooms beach. It is beautiful, the combination between a rocky and sandy shore also stands out for me

Central Beach, Plettenberg Bay

Knysna Heads

From starting with a ride on a ferry to hiking through some lush fynbos vegetation to the view of the lagoon. This experience was breathtaking and something no amount of reading or pictures could have prepared me for. I am certainly not the fittest person, but managed to gracefully complete it. The route is relatively gentle, and besides the views help you forget about any pain you might be feeling.

Knysna Elephant Park

My memories of this place are bittersweet, not only was it cold on that day but my body went into shock while feeding the elephant. I was so terrified (for nothing really) that my whole body just froze as the elephant tusk was on my hand. I’d love to go back and feed the elephant or even play with them. I’m older, wiser, and have realized that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Fearfully feeding the Elephant

Lunch on the MV John Benn Cruise

We had booked a fine dining experience on this cruise, but due to the weather, it did not take place. I was (and still am) looking forward to that experience. I just need to find a way to ensure that the day I book has good weather.

John Benn Cruise (in brown)

Tsitsikamma National Park

Do I need to explain why? It breaks my heart how this park was not added to our itinerary, we made a brief stop at the petrol station nearby and it was then when we realized what a mistake we had made. This park has amazing hiking trails, pools, waterfalls as well as whale and dolphin watching. The big tree and black water tubing are things I’d love to go back to.

Quick photo opportunity at Tsitsikamma

The Garden Route is one of South Africa’s biggest gems due to its versatility. I cannot wait for the opportunity to go back and not only redeem myself but experience it’s beauty once again.

Which place would you like to visit again? Feel free to drop your comments below

Stay Safe, lockdown won’t last forever.

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  1. Loyolah Chilo Nonyane

    Your pictures make reading the blog more inviting . Really love how you capture all your stories ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thabang Pongolo

    This is beautiful Phumla. The garden route travel & tourism should pay you for this. I feel like that trip myself now

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